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I am, once again reminded, part of the luckiest family in the universe!
Friday morning, I happen to mention (on an international unschooling chat)I’d sure like a Hammock for the new back yard… Friday afternoon the backyard looked like this:Then, on Full Moon Sunday, the Gang came out to put their stamp of approval on the rest of the Back Yard! Aaaaah to get the inside done in time for Unschooling Game Night… coming soon to a pretty little house near you ♥ (literally or figuratively!)

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  1. looks like so much fun. have a greta day!

  2. Yup…a hammock should be in every garden!😉
    And that backyard is amazing….that is as big as our whole town! You sure now how to have a good time.😉
    Have a great day, Jeannette

  3. Oh, how badly I want a hammock for our new backyard, but we don't have trees close enough together. Might have to buy one with a base, although they seem so much more expensive! My boys are tree climbers too.:) There's nothing better than gathering around a fire pit with family and friends on a cool summer evening!

  4. Cris Siqueira

    I LOVE
    how do you call this on your kids are lay down? here in brazil we called "rede" but i don't know the name in english!!
    i love sleep on those "redes"!!


  5. Cris, it's called "hammock" — I long for a well-made "rede"❤


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