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Welcome to My New Blog Home!

sit back, relax and enjoy the new surroundings. I’m excited to play with the whole new world of WordPress! backyard clover 9/09

If you take a baby to the beach…

you get sandy baby toes pictures!

Found! Lost Creek Beach

At Rowan’s birthday party, I mentioned the temperatures were climbing for Summer’s End & to celebrate, we were heading to the beach! Luckily, Jenny took my good idea as inspiration and found us on our way! We had another amazing fresh fish meal at the South Beach Fish Market. Where I was busy snapping pics of the kids and answering doggie-cone questions to photograph the food, nor the grownups!
Andrew, Scotty’s brother on vacation from Iowa, took Charlie the Conehead on a long walk along the water. It was the first time I experienced a warm afternoon at the Oregon Coast. It was strange. Too hot? move 2 feet west. Too chilled? move 2 feet east. Charlie found seagulls to chase. The cone did not impede his prowess!
And when the work was done, he took a seat and embodied King Charles once again I had only a few opportunities to be at the beach with my young ones, so I really appreciate being able to watch Jenny’s family explore and play…Evan’s treasure was found among the rocks, as many shells as he could carry in more varieties than he could imagine; Colby’s treasure was atop the cliff, among the branches and mushrooms he discovered a wonderland…Valerie did her very best Cherub impression, her freedom was her treasure…These guys, even dead, are beautiful to behold.Holly’s treasure was this here guitar pic!
She was on a mission to find one, and by-golly she got one! My treasure? One more day in paradise ♥

Firecracker Five!

Five years ago, the world became a much better place
because my friend Rowan decided to join us.
And become a full participant in this here Life.
…a girl who understands the value of hugging your chickens,
…a girl who can flawlessly and joyously combine chicken feet and glitter,
…a girl who gives new purpose to glitter eyeshadow, again with great joy,
…a girl who does indeed turn the whole world on with her smile.
Dear Rowan, I’m so glad you’ve come! ♥

When Cameron Comes to Town…

…magic happens ♥
As I was a rare, non-working stop on the Tour de LoveJoy ’09, he got to rest up first thing. I even shut up long enough to let him sleep. Nice, I know ♥ Once he got a healthy dose of the hammock, wi-fi,
and my super sacred corner of the sunroomhe dragged us out of the house, hell-bent on visiting Paradise.
On our way there, we saw our first topless-girl hitchiker.
Oh the conversations and the connections and
the dare I say Communion of our hearts and mindsOur drive ended and our hike began at this amazing reservoir.
At the end of the hike, we found what I lovingly like to call
The Devil’s Teakettle.
ye-ouch…where Hayden got his first real-live view of polyamory.
Which led to some cool conversations about love and flute playing.
I do love Oregon.When we came back past the reservoir again,
Cameron and Chance decided to swim out and back.
It was cold and deep. I liked watching.
Hayden hung out near the shore & jumped off the stumps. We were sure to be in Eugene on time for the Pizza Research Institute.
It was weird. Good, yeah. Weird, oh yeah.
We’re all still pondering fruit on pizza…
H was not so fond of the canned peachesCameron’s visit was perfectly timed with my toughest memorial week of the year. We did the hotsprings on my wedding anniversary. He hung out and lended his chill to whomever needed it during Hayden’s Birthday Extravaganza.
He really likes the Charlie Dog ♥ We laughed for what seemed hours over
There’s a Toe in the Hole of Your Sole

That special kind of laughter that cures what ails ya ♥On Hannah’s birthday, he helped me remember
He inspired me to keep movingAnd he shared a heavenly lavender sangria with me
It was bittersweet to put him on a bus to his next of many adventures.Someday, gods willing, we will get another turn
to be his next of many adventures, once again.
And we’ll be grateful, once again.
Namaste, my friend, Namaste.

Fill me with the spirit of the bee…

My Friday’s all a-buzz! For Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, I present:
Clara the Honeybee ♥ Though carrying my weight in cargo ’round my legs, isn’t necessarily a goal of mine, I’d sure like to use my Life’s Gifts to their full potential, the way honeybees seem to do… Thanks for inspiring me with your super-intense 14 days of Living!

Mother’s Day 2009

Today* I dressed for purpose, in my comfy magic pants & the shirt I bought at the cool thrift store in Albuquerque. The shirt carries great comfort & memories of shopping with Hannah.
I was sure to stand in the sunlight. I was sure to stand in the sunlight and feel the sun shining upon me.
The hoola hoop helped keep me focused and balanced.
While keeping me still, when I’d easily keep moving quick enough
to avoid feeling any one thing for too long.
a meditation of entertainment and gratitude
and fortitude and peaceCameron found a walnut with a message for me.
Cameron’s full of peaceful messages for me.
His presence was a well-received present.
Carelia made a Mother’s Day gift for me: A box of beautiful, healing affirmations.
I draw them out at random and tape them to the door of the pie safe ♥ I found the ticket stubs from our first family concert. Bowling for Soup.
We danced, we sang, we partied like junior rock stars.
I am reminded what an amazing life my girl got to have.
What an awe-inspiring mama she made of me.
How honored I am to Be that mama to Hayden.
It is a blessing to be here, now, together.
*Today, as in August 23, Hannah’s birthday
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