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2010 LIFE is Good 1

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Prepared for another Memorial Day Weekend of Amazingness, we packed up the Dream Wagon and headed to the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference.

Family Reunion in the Driveway

Family Reunion in the Lobby

Everywhere I looked there were happy people & those who were being helped to get back to happy 🙂 An entire weekend of Assumed Positive Intent. Powerful stuff, I tell ya.
Powerful enough for my friend Linda to perform in the Talent Show ♥

The Courageous Moment

Even when he's not there, I'm strumming him

Me, Cris & Han Solo

Powerful enough for me to share my music with my people ♥
Powerful enough for me to have musical inspiration to share! ♥

You Are My Sunshine

My Art

My Edible Art

I shared, too, my arts. My Garden Dudes, Bowls & even my very own Birthday Cheesecake!  (I had amazing carrot cupcakes, that I ate without documenting – YUM!)
And I got to be inspired by young artists all around me!

The Flying Dog

Clothespin Doll

Diana & Juliet

And I got to hop and play and hug and dance with lots of little friends!

The Playroom, aka Birthing Center

My New Redheaded Stepchild!

Me & Edith

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