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To South Dakota…

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Goodbye Joe! Goodbye Gramma!

Hayden and I began Our Adventure on Wednesday, June 23… the day after two of our dear friends left this plane of existence. We brought them with us in Spirit! What road trip doesn’t need an extra mountain-climbing-unschooling-dad and a mama-to-the-coolest-chick-in-town? Their guidance was well received and enjoyed for of our 3200 miles!

Wide Sky Life

Lots of miles, lots of sunshine, lots of bizarre topics of conversation… We  were pretty dang impressed by Minerva’s Mjǫllnir Volvo performance ♥ Any day now, the girl will officially have traveled 250,000 miles!

Our travels were made oh-so-much easier by having scheduled breaks (with unschoolers!) all along the route… We left early & had a 2 hour lunch a mere 5 hours later with our King/Shawley friends in Kennewick, WA; then had a soft clean bed to crash upon 6 hours later, followed by hours of coffee and chat with Deb Lewis and her menagerie. Did I mention coffee and chat? Both were exactly what I needed to break the road weary brain function that cumulates with every curve! We had a mere 9 hours to go before the next BIG break: visiting the Buxcels in Rapid City.

Bestie Beasties

We wisely took two nights and a *whole* day to spend with our terrifically missed family. I at once felt like catching up while falling right in…

Han Solo meets Sage

My Friend Stone

The Moon Girls

I don’t know how it is I’ve managed to exist these many days without these people in my everyday world, except I’ve somehow managed to keep them very present in my thoughts and in my heart… This was where I felt most at home on the trip. And it was the company, not the location. Well, okay, it was the food, too!

Hayden had a day of Saylor and airsoft guns, while I danced between Sage, My-Friend-Stone & the newest clan member, Zuri Luna River.  She and I got to be together on the Strawberry Moon of June.  I’m so honored.  Plus, we went to the formerly-Gigglebees and did all the Gigglebees things we know, love and miss so much! I got high score twice on Centipede and the boys had a heyday with the tickets from skee-ball, not to mention laser tag!!

We continued on, wisely hitting the road in the early (read: cooler) morning, with only 5 hours to go to our final destination: Sioux Falls!  Where we instantly gathered some of our favorite things: lunch at Spezia’s with Donna, Bruce, Trisha, Adam, Breann & Brayden ♥ We were then treated to some of Eli’s sacred time, an old-fashioned thunderstorm & an evening with old friends.
For me, this included seeing an amazing (storm damaged venue be damned) Janitor Bob and the Armchair Cowboys show, while Hayden hung out with Alex and Elizabeth.
Sunday was so beautiful, I was compelled to stop by Falls Park and play some Uke for Hannah, on her bench

Puff the Magic Dragon for Hannah

I got to hang out with Mom & Dad – with Rhonda, Louis and their mom Kelly

You got funky ear, too!

Gramma and her Ginger

He looks like his name should be Eddie!

Her last day at 15...

My farts are a sign of happiness!

diana spoons by payton

THEN we got to have parkday with the locals – and Trisha + babies! With Sushi!

Han Solo at McKennan Park with Sushi Masa

H's New Summer 'Do

Bre's a-Ukin'


And just when it can’t get any better, I got dinner with my not-photograph-able friend and her adorable family (she’s adorable, too – it’s a soul-snatching instinct or something, she cannot be photographed!)

The man smart enough to snatch Mel off the market, 16 years ago!

Three monkey babies

Oh my! ’twas an amazing and beautiful trip… and this is only the first half and it doesn’t include the twins… More soon! ♥

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