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There’s a Lighthouse

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We tumbled into the Snarfler and rode, on a very wet day (6/29), to the coast. Because it’s a 45 minute drive. If you’ve lived landlocked, you understand: Go to the beach because you can.

sweetly attending the crazy lady in character

Elizabeth at 58 out of 111 stairs

this is where we sing "Candle on the Water"

vertigo inducing setting


Dedicated to those lost at sea

Make a Joyful Noise

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There are 3 friends in the other room, I can hear their laughter through two closed doors. I can feel their joy and their love, too. This Summer marks their 13th, 17th and 15th Years of Existence, they’re working diligently to make it count, together. With lots of talking, which inevitably results in bouts of raucous laughter.  In my mind, I can see their faces, contorted in ecstatic spasm as they gasp for breath.

Last night, this show was mostly on-the-road and about-town; tonight’s is joyfully at home. This is far more amazing than anyone warned me 🙂

On Top of The World

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The Benton County Fair

The boy agreed to go to the fair! AND he joyfully checked out the goats with me! Oh I have a goat dream. And a cow dream. And the chickens! Alas, not today…

We both love going to the fair. Okay, truth be told, and he did tell me this, he loves the fair because the fair makes me happy ♥ He’s there for the rides.

Hayden's Ferris Wheel Adventure

Even braving the Ferris Wheel.

Confronting his incredible fear of heights; calmly and quietly. Sometimes making snide comments about those who were not handling it so well.

Then he’d breathe some more, with his hands firmly clasped around the center pole thingiemadoodle.

Heights of Courage

I find myself a fan of the calmer rides, not minding the heights so much, while Hayden thinks he prefers a good spin, closer to the ground. Lucky for him, most of the rides available are a chiropractic emergency waiting to happen! Lucky for me, the Spider is a pretty happy compromise (in the absence of a Tilt-O-Whirl). Hayden didn’t like this one so much. He was unprepared for the Big Spins & I am no longer big enough to counter them by myself.

Post Ride

So we decided to stick with what we know: The Scrambler: no surprises, same ride every time. Except when mom points out to the dude one of the cars that needs folks rearranged and in gratitude he gives us an extra long ride in which mom is alternately smashed against you or doing her weakling best to pull herself away while giggling at the absurdity of it all, which means she’s probably trying not to pee, too. I thought I might barf when it was finally over. Good thing I took a picture before the ride!


Determined to get to as many rides as were available, Hayden went on the bumpercars next. Without me. I had no desire to get whipped around after my well-done Scrambling.

Hayden Prepares to Drive

I was a bit tempted once I saw The Ninja, though…

This spinning thing, no temptation for me a’tall, no-siree, uh-uh, no way in hell. Hayden, on the other hand, lives for this fair ride. Ever since that one guy let him on 1,000 times in a row when he was still 3 inches too short for their rules, this has been The Ride of Any Fair Any Where Any Time: The Galaxy 2000 (Same ride by any other name, spins as sweet)

The Spinning Room

When Hayden encountered the old-fashioned, open-air version of this ride, he unequivocally refused to ride.
Citing it as completely unsafe.
He’s probably right.

We finished off our ride extravaganza with the Ride Formerly Known as The Himalaya. Big round and round, hilly ride, loud music, and a backwards trip to finish us off. Another squish mom into the kid ride. Seen here from the Ferris Wheel. Along with pretty much the entirety of the Benton County Midway Rides. The tent at the top center is where the Guess Who was playing. 

I love this shot of me on the Ferris Wheel, with our beautiful mountains

So Beautiful Here!

I managed to get a carmel apple, cotton candy and a big ol’ talk-about-cows before we left for the night! Life is Good!!

‘Round the House

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Click pictures to embiggen them 🙂 It’s worth it!

Patrick carries the Torch

Alex's Avatar inspired sparklers

just one of Philip's completed projects

Rock Slide at Alsea for Elizabeth & Philip

Markel's Courage!

Sweet Summer Romance

Elizabeth practices for DaVinci Days

Ford Apollo is getting bigger by the minute

My artwork inspires...

The Eighth Day of Christmas

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A quick glimpse at our 8th Day of Christmas, 2010
Hayden and I went shopping, he got a new hat! I got to have an amazing afternoon of chatting and laughter with m’boy ♥

New Hat

The Fifth Day of Christmas

A peek at our 5th Day of Christmas, 2009

The perfect amount of snowfall!

Frozen Rozes

Full enjoyment of new furniture!

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Scenes from the 4th Day of Christmas, 2009
After owning the box set for years, Hayden decided today was a great time to watch for the first time!

Ghost Art

I can't see you Thursday. I'm busy.

Mad Skillz Son!

Charlie Face

The Third Day of Christmas

Snippets of our Third Day of Christmas, 2009Four Calling Birds

A pan of Pykrete in our freezer; those photos will come on the 4th Day of Christmas.

A date with Jake, after a short nap, to conquer a new challenge in Modern Warfare 2.

Another good reason to have people come hang out at my house: I have seats for you now! 6 of them!

The Queen's Throne

A chair for every corner

A funky secret history...

Then dinner at Shari’s; to witness how joyful our children can be, unburdened by our same load o’issues. Indeed, Joyful is the perfect word to describe dinner. So Joyful, I didn’t have time to think about taking pictures, save these two, I was busy engaging with my friend, Rowan.

Fully present in the present

and we celebrated Hayden’s first T-bone steak adventure!


With days like this, it’s easy to believe every day can be just like Christmas…

The Second Day of Christmas

Two Turtle Doves

Scenes from our life, on this Second Day of Christmas, 2009

Shadow Mama & the Dogs

Merry Christmas from Pepsi of Corvallis

...the Peanuts Gang...

...and all the Whos in Whoville!

Worst-Case Scenario Game

Still cute little boy foot!

Post Conference Euphoria, pt 1

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I got to continue a Conference-long tradition of Gage Worship (yes, I got some in for you and you and you and YOU!), right in our very own Sunnyside Up. One of my favoritest conference revelations – My Amazing Friend and Conference Therapist, Mary Lewis just happens to live an hour away!! No more waiting 365 or so days between our incredibly deep and revealing talks ♥ So powerful is her Light, I want to bask in it often and carry it with me to cast a Shared and Sacred Light upon the paths of others. And some more of my favorite little people were there too! Heaven on Earth ♥Jasper was over for some serious water balloon action! Sweet Marley took the responsibility of picking up the rubber scraps very seriously; I had a pocket full of the pieces by the end of the evening!It was *so* much fun to watch them explode on the spigot!The neighbor’s kitty sure likes “salad,” especially from Marley. The next day, the cat came into our house, seeking her new friend!And we got more Olivia! Just after snapping this, she says, “Hannah says hi!” … I smiled and looked at her That’s really funny, I needed to hear that. Then she realized what she’d said, we laughed as she explained she was talking to her friend on the phone… it was too late to change senders, the message had been delivered and I was grateful. Very Grateful. The flowers got biggerThe faerie house will soon be a Morning Glory Paridise. Elizabeth and Susan have arrived! And we went to the pound (that was an adventure worthy of it’s own post!) to check out the *Sale* Cats 😀 This guy is Elonzo and he’s quite the charmer. He really reminded them of their kitty, Andy.
This is Cali, she’s definitely got the Patches Charm going on. Her bio said she’d prefer to be a solo cat, though we got to see her grooming the E-man, it was really sweet. Scotty’s the family’s Cat Person and yet I find this face impossible to resist!Or Barley’s either, for that matter. It’s his green eyes that really stole my heart ♥ They were in the large play room together… I bet they’d be happy to share ownership of our family ♥ They’re adoption cost is $40… I may be running out of excuses to have a cat! Okay, I’m officially ending the whole excuses conversations and I shall offer these new tribal members to Scotty, for his approval ♥ Wow! That felt really good.
More soon. The adventure doth continue…

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