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A Note from Buddha Dog

The Repentant Buddha

“I chased Charlie away from the porch today & I wasn’t very nice about it. Probably not the best way to act on our first outing together in over a month, oops! When you let Charlie in the door first, I figured out I’d screwed up. I knew what to do, though! When it was my turn to come in the house (I remembered to wait patiently), I went straight to my kennel and worked on my cute face. How’d I do?”

The tale of two dogs, Charlie and Buddha. Love ’em. Ready to go back to cats. For reals.
I now know that our Puppy is the age of Social Maturity. As in, the age in which you begin to figure out how to be an adult dog. Starting with, **Duh! Moment** challenging the adult dogs in your environment.

It started with the doorways. Buddha would crowd ahead of Charlie, though they were both behind me & I thought that was all that mattered. Soon, Buddha would cross thresholds before Charlie and turn to face him as he entered last. This quickly escalated to Buddha jumping on Charlie, first to prevent his entry, quickly becoming a fight to prevent his very existence.

Whew. That was hard to write. It’s hard to think about, even as a detached sociologist.  It happened, well, they happened: Dog Fights.

The first big one was at the backdoor threshold, they roiled through the porch, down the stairs and into the yard. Unstopped by our feeble efforts, including a squirt of the fire extinguisher, I knew I had to do something.  So I did. I entered the chaos. And Charlie promptly bit me.

The upside? The energy completely changed. I had the clarity that comes with a sudden onset of MORE adrenaline. Charlie stopped, I grabbed Buddha’s tail and it was over. I removed my ring and rinsed my teeny tiny wound.

Super Charlie

The downside? Teeny tiny break in the skin does NOT equal teeny tiny injury. I learned the painful reality of compression injuries, Vicodin allergy & the cost of local healthcare [ER (exam, wound care & meds) total = $350, Clinic (to switch to weaker pain medication, no exam, no meds) total = $140, Prescription meds + lactose free pain reliver = $25]. I’m still regaining use of my ring finger. On my right hand.

Then they did it again, bigger & badder. This time, I knew not to get in there. It was ugly. It was drawn out. It was the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.  Exhaustion and tail pulling broke it up, eventually. Ugh.

We began  juggling dogs. UGH! Charlie in the bedroom, Buddha out of the kennel, Buddha in the kennel, Charlie out of the bedroom. Double the potty breaks. Double the exercise outings. Yeah, we’re doing so good already, I think we should do MORE! UUGGHH!

Then I stopped with the ughs. These dogs deserve better. Buddha’s not a dog-face-eating dog. And Charlie’s not one either. Neither of them much like having their faces eaten.  I sure don’t want to be the owner (or CAUSE) of any dog-face-eating creatures. So we juggled. We doubled. We exercise. We exercise some more. When they’re tired, we don’t have to juggle so hard, they can be in our space with us. It’s getting better, we’re getting better. Yesterday I got some great information about aggression at the Coming of Age stage for puppies & it all makes sense. I feel better equipped to have these dogs in my life, in my house, in my proximity.

And now, Buddha can go home. Soon. With Love ♥

Hayden at 11.5

Spraaaaay Paaaaaint!

It’s official, he’s broken the 5 foot barrier! At last measure, he stretched to a full 5′ 0.5″ (1.5367m, for you Canadians). For comparison, his mama topped out at 5’1.5″ (1.562m) at age 12; Dad made it to 6’1.5″ (1.866m) by adulthood.

At this very moment, he’s asleep – on the Vampire’s Schedule!  He’ll be up sometime around 7 pm, ready to start his nocturnal day.
He’ll likely fill that time with eating (judging and reporting to me) the groceries I brought, with him in mind specifically, from Trader Joe’s, joining friends for assorted group missions on X-Box Live (HeyHay98) or racking up achievements on the Borderlands new DLC (downloaded content) or this really cool motorcycle game he downloaded the other day.  I’ll invite him to watch American Idol with us, though it’s more likely I’ll spend the commercials watching a super new skill he’s mastered in one of his games and bringing him food — lovingly, because it truly is an honor.

I was watching this new game, Trials HD, with him, the other night, as he worked to position his bike and himself perfectly, so he could fling off, crash into giant bowling pins and get a strike. I stepped away to take Buddha outside and I got a text message:

H: two words bleep-bloop (the sound made by X-Box when you reach an achievement)
Me: 2 words: Rock On!
H: 1 emoticon 🙂
Me: 3 gushy words: I so proud!
H: 1 lol

For that exchange alone, my monthly cell phone bill just earned it’s keep 😉

I’m scouring my brain, this city and every resource to find activities and projects to strew in his path. (I’m thinking pottery studio)Sandra‘s words Do More are ringing loudly through my heart, I know why.  I’m doing more every day &  man, does it feel good all the way around!

Hayden, 1999

I’m so proud to be this boy’s mama. Can you believe, just yesterday (or 10 years ago) he was this big? And tomorrow, he could be gone…
That’s why I’m a-Lovin’ for Today ♥

The Tenth Day of Christmas

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What happened to the 10th Day of Christmas 2010? I’m just not sure…

The Ninth Day of Christmas

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Yes, we’re still celebrating! This 9th Day of Christmas was especially good for Happy Boy Pictures…

We met friends downtown, as we searched for lunchtime sushi in vain, and created our own spot o’happiness.

Happy, Happy Hayden

Which grew exponentially when he got to have a few hours of electronics scavenging & rebuilding, HALO, and some man on man bonding exercises which I’ll (thankfully) never quite understand…
I just love, love, love when I get to bring his happy guy home (and his little LEDs too!)

Little Green LEDs

and the joy overflows from his heart to mine!

Cooler than a Lava Lamp!

and lasts through the night of sleeping…

While visions of amperage dance through his head…

The Eighth Day of Christmas

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A quick glimpse at our 8th Day of Christmas, 2010
Hayden and I went shopping, he got a new hat! I got to have an amazing afternoon of chatting and laughter with m’boy ♥

New Hat

The Seventh Day of Christmas

Seventh Day Scenes, 2009

We got a visit from the Birthday Boy, Patrick 🙂
This was after his Mancake, he was a bit sluggish 😉

Birthday Boy!

Hayden ventured outside at some point and got mired in the mud, the very soft, oooey, gooey mud – up to his shin! Hence his only pair of fitting shoes are out of commission until mama figures out how to clean/dry them. Chance was nice enough to leave these ginormous ones for him to grow into, or use in a pinch, like today.
Chance's Clown Shoes
We said farewell to 2009 in an alley, with our friends and strangers alike, hooping, howling and laughing…

Hoopin' In the New Year

…smiles abound,

Happy Hayden

…as the clock tower rang out a Welcome to 2010!

Happy New Year!

The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the 6th Day, our celebration continues…

Sunnyside Up breakfast = Sunnyside up boy

Christmas presents arrived (super amazing nerf rifles not pictured)

Cutest phone cover, ever!

…and so did friends. While the boys played Modern Warfare and Left for Dead, the girls and I enjoyed a date at 7-eleven and The Muppet Movie and Mary Poppins.

Miss Willow

Miss Rowan

The party continued, as we migrated over to Peoria… it is a gift each time we’re together and struggle to part ways ♥

The Fifth Day of Christmas

A peek at our 5th Day of Christmas, 2009

The perfect amount of snowfall!

Frozen Rozes

Full enjoyment of new furniture!

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Scenes from the 4th Day of Christmas, 2009
After owning the box set for years, Hayden decided today was a great time to watch for the first time!

Ghost Art

I can't see you Thursday. I'm busy.

Mad Skillz Son!

Charlie Face

The Third Day of Christmas

Snippets of our Third Day of Christmas, 2009Four Calling Birds

A pan of Pykrete in our freezer; those photos will come on the 4th Day of Christmas.

A date with Jake, after a short nap, to conquer a new challenge in Modern Warfare 2.

Another good reason to have people come hang out at my house: I have seats for you now! 6 of them!

The Queen's Throne

A chair for every corner

A funky secret history...

Then dinner at Shari’s; to witness how joyful our children can be, unburdened by our same load o’issues. Indeed, Joyful is the perfect word to describe dinner. So Joyful, I didn’t have time to think about taking pictures, save these two, I was busy engaging with my friend, Rowan.

Fully present in the present

and we celebrated Hayden’s first T-bone steak adventure!


With days like this, it’s easy to believe every day can be just like Christmas…

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