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There’s a Lighthouse

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We tumbled into the Snarfler and rode, on a very wet day (6/29), to the coast. Because it’s a 45 minute drive. If you’ve lived landlocked, you understand: Go to the beach because you can.

sweetly attending the crazy lady in character

Elizabeth at 58 out of 111 stairs

this is where we sing "Candle on the Water"

vertigo inducing setting


Dedicated to those lost at sea

When Eli Lives Here

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We’ll do this a lot

The Sunnyside Up Experience

The Beach. It’s what we do.

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Lost Creek Beach, specifically. Hayden and Eli took the Rabbit Hole. Neither look very happy about it.

Out the Rabbit Hole

I don’t think he believed me when I warned him how cold it is. Even out of the wind in Underland.

Take a Jedi to the Beach

Even Hayden was tempted into the beautiful sunlight by the view

AAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaahhhhhHHHHH the SUN!

…the view Eli had to capture for himself.

Eli takes a picture

I’s so happy to have my E-i ♥

One Happy Mama!

And then he got caught, and it reminded me of that one time when he pretended to be stuck and he called for help. I was delayed by looking for my camera. He reposed for that picture, so he reposed for this one, too!

Stuck in Underland

Meanwhile, Hayden showed off his Underland prowess by running ahead

Follow me!

Back on the beach, I collected all kinds of cool stuff & took their pictures. Here’s one of the many situations I came up with.

my little dude is showing his collection of stuff to his crab friend

While Hayden made sand sculpture & Eli watched us (the beach does that to people… inspires quiet watching…)

Hayden’s Sand Mound

No trek to the beach is complete without a stop at the South Beach Fish Co & a kiss with their fish!

Fish Kisser

Let’s go again, SOON!

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